A Reliable Distributor of Metal and Welding Supplies

Laredo Discount Metals is partly owned and operated by Mueller Metals, LLC. We are a powerhouse company in the industry—a dedicated supplier of metal building components such as Cee and Zee Purlins.

Our company is also a leading distributor of other various metal components that you may need to use in your farm or fleet projects. We have various hot rolled carbon steel shapes, including:

  • Beams
  • Channels
  • Expanded Metal Products
  • Flat Sheets
  • Pipes
  • Plates
  • Rectangular Tube
  • Round Tube
  • Square Tube
  • Structural Steel Angles


Laredo, TX

Three Rivers, TX

Corpus Christi, TX

About Our Team

Since 1998, we have been offering high-quality products and services to our customers in the great state of Texas and beyond. We believe that in order to succeed, we need to be outstanding in what we do. To achieve this, we dedicate ourselves to earning the admiration, respect, and smiles of our customers every day.

Aiming for excellence, our honest, loyal, and dedicated crew works hand in hand not only with our staff and partner suppliers, but also with our beloved clients. We do this as we set certain standards to stay excellent in what we do and remain as a leader in our industry. With over three decades of experience, we believe we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with quality service and products at all times.

Our Core Values




What Makes Us Special

  • Our professional staff will stand behind our products and services and vouch for our excellent workmanship at all times.
  • We make sure that we quickly respond to our customers’ requests.
  • Our company has a broad range of metal and welding supplies for your business or ranch projects.
  • We provide fabrication services.


We carry a complete line of high-quality products, including:

  • Cattle Guards
  • Culvert
  • Fencing and Feeding Equipment
  • Metal Artwork
  • Metal Building Components
  • Metal Buildings
  • Metal Siding
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Roofing and Siding (From Secondary to 40-Year Warranty)
  • Steel Pipe
  • Steel Plate
  • Structural Pipe
  • Welding Supplies and Power Tools

Connect With Us

Reach out to us at (800) 996-2966, and let us prove we have first-rate metal products available at the best possible prices. You may also take a moment to browse our selection of products online. If you see anything you want, give us a call and we will deliver it to you. Incredible savings are just a quick phone call away!